Monday, 5 November 2012

The top 5 FTSE stocks: How did they do?

Five months ago I posted an entry on the blog entitled "The top 5 FTSE100 stocks to invest in now". Since then the FTSE 100 index has increased from 5435 to 5869 a rise of 8%. So how well did our 5 stocks do?

Standard Life

Standard life was at the top of the list of 5 and happens to have performed the best. On the 8th June the price was 217p a share. Today (4th November) the share price is around 299p. On top of that a 4.9p dividend is due on the 14th November (ex div 22nd August). Including the dividend this gives a 40% return.

Looking at the chart the uptrend for this stock is currently strong:


Scottish & Southern Energy

SSE was second on our list. The share price has subsequently increased from 1329 to 1444p a share. On top of this a 56.1p a share dividend was paid on the 21st September giving a total return of 13.1%.

The chart for SSE also shows a good uptrend:

National Grid

National Grid has performed in line with the FTSE index seeing its price increase from 653 to 707p a share an increase of 8.3%. No dividends were paid in the last 5 months.

National Grid is showing a strong uptrend at present too:

Marks & Spencer

This stock has performed better than the market rising from 340.5 to 391p a share, an increase of 14.8%. No dividends were due over this period.

The share price has seen a strong rise recently and has broken previous highs on March this year:


GSK has proven to be the only bad egg in the list. It's price has fallen from 1430 to 1361. A 17p dividend per share was paid on the 4th October but even including this the total return is -3.6%.

The price action looks pretty bad too with the 100 day low recently being breached:

Overall the 5 stocks did well. If you had invested equally in the five stocks in June then you would be sitting on a 14.5% gain which compares well to the 8% gain for the FTSE100.

Due to the popularity of the original post I will be posting a new list in the coming days. 

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